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Do I need Pub Insurance?

In this economic climate, pub insurance probably isn’t the most exciting task to fit into your busy schedule when running a pub, however, it is a necessary one. Running a pub can be tricky, from the landlord to the owners, staff, customers and even to the next door neighbours. Owners of pubs need to take everything into consideration, which is why pub insurance is so important.

Todd & Cue are here to help you organise your public house insurance as efficiently as possible. Ensuring you have the correct insurance for every eventuality which may occur within your business. Yet, making sure it is at a reasonable insurance cost so your insurance premium isn’t too high! Allowing you to get back to what you do best, running your pub!

Todd and Cue have been pub Insurance brokers for the Leisure sector since 1979. Our knowledgeable broking staff, in-house claims team and bespoke tailored public house insurance department offer the best service possible. Making sure the price and cover is at the best it can possibly be in today’s Insurance market. Use the tool below to get your online pub insurance quote. This is a great and easy tool to allow you to see what price you would be paying if you were to go with us as your pub insurance broker.

Having insurance will protect you against many aspects of the business. It can protect you against slips, trips and falls within the building. Accidents do happen even to the most cautious of owners. Which is why insurance is an essential part of the business. For example, if a spilled drink happens and someone slips, this could result in a large claim against you and the business. So make sure you are prepared for any claims which may occur with insurance.

How Much does Public House Insurance / Pub Insurance Cost

Our depth of knowledge and wealth of experience in this sector means that we are able to offer you insurance at extremely competitive prices the pub insurance average cost really depends on the type of cover you require. Meaning it will help you keep your profits as high as possible, yet not compromising on the quality of insurance you will receive.

We understand the cover for your pub insurance is an important aspect, helping you find the right cover for the right price is a priority for us. Which is why our insurance premiums are as low as possible yet still comprising everything you need with the added peace of mind that it is with a trusted insurance broker. We are not just your usual ‘cheap pub insurance’ or “Cheap public house insurance” broker, but a quality and well trusted one, helping you keep your business running the way it should be.

Whether you are a multiple operator, gastro-pub, late-bar or a traditional “boozer”, we offer pub insurance that can be tailored to suit your business’ particular needs and budget! So whatever your required needs are, contact us and we will try and find the right insurance package suited directly to your needs!

If you would like to receive a pub insurance online quote, then simply fill out the form below. With simple questions allowing you to instantly find out your unique quote for your business.


We also cover your pub from any mishaps which may happen. They will provide you with the best advice and protection to help any pub owners deal with difficult situations. Pubwatch is a great committee to be involved with, giving you peace of mind to ensure you can give your business the time it needs.

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Do you run your own restaurant? If you do, then Todd & Cue specialise in restaurant insurance so make sure you find the right insurance policy for you.

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